De-stressing - the natural and quiet way

'What do you do to de-stress?' is one of those annoyingly-clickbait questions which pops up on social media from time to time.

You know that, most of the time, it's only been posted to get a reaction so that the poster can point to the vast number of hits they are generating; yet very few of us can actually resist the temptation to show off occasionally about our hobbies and what we do in our 'down-time'.

Of course, I've never made any secret of the fact that one of the main things I do to de-stress is to take my clothes off in public - I'm one of Britain's 4.5million-strong naturist community (and that number is going up).

Living in Britain, of course, where the weather is unreliable at best, isn't as easy as being a naturist in the south of France, or Spain, or Croatia, or California, or Florida; so we have to make the most of our opportunities. Mrs Warrior and I are fortunate to live within a 20-minute drive of Clover Spa ( which bills itself as 'the UK's only clothes-optional spa and hotel'. We've visited dozens of times, in my capacity as a naturist journalist, with naturist friends or just by ourselves, but until this past weekend, we'd never enjoyed an overnight stay.

This weekend, Mrs Warrior's birthday, gave us the opportunity. I've known Mrs W for nearly 30 years and my experience of the weather on her birthday is that it rains (quite often), or is dull, cold and cloudy (quite often), but rarely is it something approaching warm, sunlit and remotely summer-like. So the fact that we could sit outside until 9pm on the Friday and for most of Saturday this weekend was approaching a miracle.

The result was de-stressing par excellence. Clover Spa may be in suburban Birmingham, on the junction of two of the city's busiest roads, but as we lay sunbathing in the garden on Friday afternoon, or in the hot-tub, all you could hear was the sound of singing birds. Even the fact that Clover lies on a flight-path into Birmingham Airport five miles away is not that much of a problem - rather, the planes are so low that I always amuse myself by wondering what the passengers are making of those crazy, naked, people down below!

It was so quiet, so relaxing, so de-stressing that we didn't want (OK, we never want...) to get dressed and go back into 'the real world.' My neuropsychologist regularly warns me about the dangers of what he calls 'over-stimulated environments' (I think he means our local branch of a well-known pub-chain at 8pm on a Saturday, lol...) so he would probably approve of the peace, quiet and near-total silence and tranquility to be found in the garden at Clover Spa.

I've been seeing him for nearly four years and I've never told him we are naturists. Maybe I should.....