Medical matters

I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that I was awaiting the results of various medical checks which I had asked for as a result of not feeling at my best in recent weeks.

As someone who believes in complete honesty with regard to such things, it’s only fair that I bring you up to date. I went for my flu jab and blood test, but also asked for my blood pressure to be checked as it somehow hadn’t felt right lately. Various pains and headaches had got me thinking and as I’ve mentioned many times, my knackered brain is very prone to thinking the worst in such scenarios.

So I had my blood pressure checked and it was ‘significantly higher’ in the nurse’s words, than when it was checked at my annual stroke review in May. Cue panic (from me, not her). She arranged to have it taken again by my GP four days later while I (or rather, my strokie brain) contemplated a life on blood-pressure tablets, having to give up alcohol and/or caffeine altogether and various other ‘restrictions’ on my already tightly-controlled life.

Now, there is a history of high blood-pressure in my family and having had a stroke, I suppose I am more susceptible. But various unpleasant scenarios unfurled in my brain, until I consulted various friends and found out that a lot more people than you would think are on BP tablets, while my ‘significantly higher’ reading was actually nowhere near as high as it could have been.

And, of course, when it was checked again, it was back to what my doctor considers normal. Panic over, no BP tablets to add to my daily cocktail yet. But there was one significant outcome. The blood test came back completely normal except that my Vitamin D levels are lower than they should be.

My ideal solution, of course, would be a nice, long, naturist holiday to somewhere with plenty of sun. But the finances at Warrillow Towers don’t allow that, so we’ll have to find another solution. Consequently, as from Monday, a Vitamin D tablet will join that daily cocktail. That makes it 13 a day, but if they are doing their job and keeping me alive and relatively healthy, I can’t complain.

The low Vitamin D levels could explain my recent lethargy - needing sleep in the afternoon as well as at least nine hours every night. Stroke-fatigue is undoubtedly partly responsible but constant lethargy makes you feel ill in other ways. Let’s hope one source of stress can be banished.